The Numismatic Chronicle 1976

The Numismatic Chronicle 1976


Published by the Royal Numismatic Society. Hardcover. The annual edition of the RNS with various articles concerning all areas of numismatics. 302 pages and 32 b/w plates.

Condition: Binding is in good condition but gently used. A few areas of discoloration. In very good condition.

Some of the articles in this issue:

  1. The eagle-head coins of Sinope, by J.G.F. Hind

  2. A study of the coinage of the moneyer C. Calpurnius Piso L. f. Frugi by Charles Hersch

  3. Sceattas from the territory of the Hwicce, by D.M. Metcalf

  4. Imitative sterlings in the Aberdeen and Montraive hoards, by N.J. Mayhew

  5. The double train series of Levon I of Cilician Armenia, by P. Bedoukian

  6. A hoard of silver coins from the time of Iskandar Qara-Quyunilu, by S. Album

  7. Coins in medieval Nepal, by N.G. Rhodes and C. Valdettaro

  8. The silver dragon coinage of the Chinese provinces, 1888-1949, by R.N.J. Wright

  9. The lifetime of coins in circulation, by T.J. Cole


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