Romanus IV Diogenes, 1068-1071 AD. Constantinople

Romanus IV Diogenes, 1068-1071 AD. Constantinople


VII (center), Constantius and Andronicus standing facing, Michael holds transverse vexillum and akakia / + PωMANS ЄVΔΟKIA around, IC - XC across fields, central figure of nimbate Christ, standing facing, crowning Romanus, on l., and Eudocia on r. 

Pedigree: Purchased from Schenk-Behrens, Essen, November 1969

References: Sear 1859. DOC 1

Grade:  Complete with nice strike. EF  (bz1006)

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Romanus IV is likely more remembered as being the husband of the Empress Eudocia rather than on his own merits. Eudocia was married to the ineffective Constantine X and upon his death the Empire was faltering with simultaneous attacks by enemies. Eudocia was considered an extremely wise woman and was respected by the people. Her uncle was a revered patriarch and this of course influenced the perception bestowed on Eudocia. After the death of her husband she became regent for two of her sons, Constantius and Michael VII (both on this coin) but the military situation became dire and Eudocia was forced to marry one of her generals Romanus Diogenes. When the new emperor was captured by the Seljuq Turks while fighting in Asia Minor, the opposition party took the initiative and made Eudocia and her eldest son Michael VII join rulers. Romanus was not killed and once released he attempted to take back the throne which was unsuccessful. He was eventually blinded and exiled to a nearby island where he died.