Justin I. 518-527 AD

Justin I. 518-527 AD


Constantinople mint. AV Solidus, 4.48g (21mm, 6h). Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear and shield / Victory standing left, holding cross with reversed staurogram, star in left field, officina E.

References: Sear 55; DOC 1d; MIBE 2

Grade: Some ancient graffiti to left of Victory on reverse. A lovely strike with nice details and excellent centering. aEF  (bz1012)

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Despite being the second of a long line of Byzantine emperors, Justin I was more known for his intelligent nephew Justinian. He was born of Macedonian descent and he was a rough soldier. Upon the death of Anastasius no successor had been selected so Justin was placed there. Justin himself was largely an ineffective ruler as most of the important decisions were formulated and pushed by Justinian. His reign is really only remembered as a precursor to Justinian.