Heraclius with Heraclius Constantine. 610-641 AD

Heraclius with Heraclius Constantine. 610-641 AD


Carthage mint. AV Solidus, 4.45g (13.5mm, 6h). Crowned and draped facing busts of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine; cross above / VICTORIA AVCCE Cross potent set on three steps; CONOB in exergue.

References: Sear 867; DOC 207; MIB 84a5

Grade: Slightly rough surfaces, particularly on the obverse. Edge dent at 4h on obverse. VF  (bz1014)

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Heraclius is considered to be one of the more successful Byzantine emperors during most of his reign. Unfortunately when he died in 641 AD the empire started to crumble and territories once conquered by Heraclius were being taken ruthlessly again by foreign powers. One of his greatest achievements was restoring the Holy Cross to Jerusalem which had been taken by the Persians in 614 AD. Under the prophet Muhammed in 629 AD, the former divided Muslim groups started to unify and take territories like Egypt and Arabia back from the eastern Romans (Byzantines). Heraclius does go down in history as being a good ruler making effective changes in the government, reducing massive corruption created under the reign of his predecessor Phocas and finally making positive changes to the military.More about this coin: