Constantine X Ducas. 1059-1067 AD. Constantinople, Dated RY 5 = AD 579

Constantine X Ducas. 1059-1067 AD. Constantinople, Dated RY 5 = AD 579


AV Histamenon, 4.42g (26mm, 6h). Christ nimbate, seated facing on throne with lyre-shaped backrest, wearing pallium and colobium, holding Book of Gospels in his l. hand / Emperor is crowned by the Virgin, standing facing, wearing pallium and maphorium; between their heads, M.

References: DO III/2, 769, 2. Sear 1848

Grade: Incredibly well struck on both sides. Finer details noticeable. Mint State . (bz1022)

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Constantine X was not considered to be a worthy emperor. He was from the civilian aristocracy and not fit to run the empire. His wife Eudocia Makrembolitissa was likely the more memorable of the two, being the niece of the patriarch Michael Cerularius, who was influential during the reign of Constantine IX and Isaac I. Cerularius came into conflict with Isaac when the emperor attempted to take funds from the church in order to strengthen the defences of the Empire. When Celrularius protested he was arrested and put in prison on trumped up charges. He died before and ruling could be handed down. 

Unfortunately for the ill-equipped ruler a horrible situation was occurring in the Empire. From three fronts they were under attack: to the West the Normans under Robert Guiscard were attacking possession in South Italy; the Balkans were being invaded by the Uzes, a Turkish tribe and the East in Asia Minor the Seljuks were advancing. Constantines X did nothing to remedy the situation and died in 1067.