Arabia, Himyarites. c. 1st century BC

Arabia, Himyarites. c. 1st century BC


AR Drachm, 2.86g (17mm, 7h). Diademed male head l. with symbols to l. and r. and all within pellet border / Bucranium with antelope's horns and plumes between them. Symbols to l. and r.

Pedigree: Ex CNG 421, 30 May 2018, lot 393

References: Munro-Hay CAF, S.147,2.6i. (Av. Tf. XXIV,8.9 vgl.; Rv. Tf. XXV,8.7). SNG ANS 1532

Grade: Lovely surfaces and well struck. EF . (gk1313)

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The Himyarite Kingdom was located in ancient Yemen. The capital of the region was Zafar although the majority of the Kingdom was concentrated in Dhū Raydān, a coastal city. The Himyarites were originally a tribe in the Sabaean Kingdom. The Sabaeans had plentiful spices and agricultural products and carried on a wealth of trade by overland caravan and by sea. Eventually the Himyarites found a sea route from Egypt to India which made the overland passage less important. This, among other things, helped to destroy the Sabaean Kingdom and bring the Himyarites to the forefront. The Himyarite Kingdom lasted until the 5th century AD when after internal conflicts and changing trade routes they were overrun by the Abyssinian people (modern day Ethiopia).