Attica, Athens. c. 136/5 BC

Attica, Athens. c. 136/5 BC


AR Tetradrachm, 16.83g (30mm, 12h). Head of Athena right wearing Attic helmet / Α−ΘΕ Owl standing on fallen amphora. ΗΡΑ / ΑΡΙ− ΣΤΟΦ / ΕΠΙΣΤ / ΓΛ to left with symbol of club, bow case and lion skin in left field.

Pedigree: Ex Künker 54, 2000, lot 1874

References: Thompson 339 ; HGC 4, 1602

Grade: Light iridescent toning and good style. EF  (gk1100)

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Athens starting striking coins in the 6th century BC and became almost an international currency for the Greek world. Coins with the Athena/Owl imagery could be found in hoards in and outside of Greece. Athens continued to strike coins well after their power had shifted and they no longer held a superior place on the world stage. By the time this coin was struck Athens was relying on the generosity of foreign powers for their survival. The Romans finally conquered Athens in 86 BC under the general Sulla. 

Under the Romans, the Athenians enjoyed imperial favor. There were buildings erected and special treatment given to the city to help preserve its long history. This continued off and on throughout the centuries. Even today Athens holds a special place in the hearts of many.