Boetia, Thespiai. Early to mid 4th Century BC

Boetia, Thespiai. Early to mid 4th Century BC


AR Obol, 0.47g (12h, 11mm). Boeotian shield. Rev. ΘEΣ Crescent with points upwards.

Pedigree: From a European collection, formed before 2005

References: BCD 598 ff

Grade: Some crystallization, otherwise, VF  (gk1040)

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Thespiai is famous for its “Eros” of Praxiteles, one of the most famous statues in the ancient world, located at the foot of Mt. Helicon. It also holds an important place in history as being at odds with their powerful neighbor, Thebes. Thebes joined the side of the Persians after the Battle of Thermopylae, as did many other Boeotian cities. Despite their minority, Thespiai and Plataea remained allegiant to the Greek cause and remained so throughout the Persian conflict.  Later when the Thebans were aggressors against the Spartans, Thespiai offered its city as a support for the Spartans from 379-372 BC. Eventually Thebes was successful in destroying Thespiai. It was later rebuilt and later became an important city during Roman times.