Campania, Neapolis. c. 300-280 BC

Campania, Neapolis. c. 300-280 BC


AR Didrachm, 7.48g (20mm, 11h). Head of Nymph right / Man-headed bull right with Nike flying overhead and crowning it; monogram under bull.

References:  Sambon 466. Rutter, HN 579

Grade:  Some slight wear on reverse. Otherwise about EF (gk1170)

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Neapolis, which translates into “new city”, was founded in about 600 BC by inhabitants of nearby Cumae and Pithecusa. Historically Neapolis was seen as a strong Grecian city which provided a quiet, harmonious refuge from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. Apparently the influence of Hellenism was so strong that it maintained use of the Greek language within the city until Roman domination in the 4th century AD. The imagery of a nymph and a man-headed bull is prevalent throughout the series.