Dynasts of Lycia. Perikles. c. 380-360 BC

Dynasts of Lycia. Perikles. c. 380-360 BC


AR 1/3 Stater. 2.76g (16mm). Facing lion's scalp /  πŠ“πŠ-πŠ•πŠ†-πŠ‹πŠπŠ ('Perikle' in Lycian) Triskeles

References: BMC 155-7. MΓΌseler VIII, 47-51. SNG von Aulock 4254-5

Grade: Sharply struck and clear. Minor die break on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine (gk1282)

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This coin was struck in Lycia, the area of modern day Anatolia in the southern part of Turkey. During the period of minting the Dynast Perikles had control over the area. He was also the last known Dynast of Lycia before Persian domination. Perikles was one of several Satraps that revolted against their Persian overlords. This period from 366-360 BC is known as the Great Satrap’s Revolt. The revolt was finally quelled by the Persians the end result being that Perikles was out and the capital of the Satrapy was moved to Halicarnassus and overseen by Mausolus of Caria.

The Lycian language is a now completely dead language that was replaced by Greek.