Etruria, Populonia. c. 300 BC

Etruria, Populonia. c. 300 BC


AR 20 Asses, 8.34g. Head of Metus (Medusa) facing with protruding tongue. Below two large X's / Blank.

Pedigree: Ex NAC 92 (Part 1), 23 May 2016, lot 69

References: Rutter, Historia Numorum 152; Vecchi, Etruscan Coinage 58

Grade: Unusually well struck for this issue. Some encrustation on reverse. EF (gk1210)

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The Etruscan city of Populonia was named for one of its gods Fufluns. There is little known about the Etruscan civilization. Much has been understood because of the coinage produced there. Etruria is located in what is now modern Tuscany, western Umbria and northern Lazio. Prior to the rise of Rome, the area of Etruria was a prosperous one with its own distinct language and culture. A series of battles called the Roman-Etruscan Wars lasted for hundreds of years from the 8th century BC until roughly 280 BC. Eventually the Etruscan population merged completely with the conquering Romans. The Etruscan language lasted another 300 years even after its consolidation with Rome. This coin was struck just previous to the end of Etrurian culture as it was known.