Tauric Chersonese, Panticapaeum. c. 4th century BC

Tauric Chersonese, Panticapaeum. c. 4th century BC


AE 12, 1.81g (7mm, 12h). Beardless head of Pan r. / Bow in case, inscription ΠΑΝ above, TI below.

References: SNG BM 474; SNG Cop 50

Grade: Slightly off center on reverse. Black patina with some dusty surfaces. VF  (gk1004)

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Ancient Panticapaeum was located in modern day Kerch, a place that is now fraught in turmoil between the Ukraine and Russia. Long ago however Panticapaeum was settled by Greeks from the western Asia Minor city of Miletus. The migration of Greek settlers was rampant during the 6th-4th century BC. These early coins from the area feature a head of the god Pan, an obvious pun to the name of the city and the reverse reflects the tools of battle, a bow and arrow. The abbreviated name of the city is above. These small coins are lovely examples of early coinage from the Black Sea.