Sicily, Abakainon. c. 400-380 BC

Sicily, Abakainon. c. 400-380 BC


AR Litra, 0.66g (11mm, 11h). Three-quarter facing nymph / ABA Large pig with piglet in front.

Pedigree: Ex G&M 191, 11 October 2010, lot 1103, Ex Ed Waddell stock

References: SNG Cop 6

Grade: Lush black patina with incredible strike. EF  (gk1011)

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The ancient city of Abakainon on the northern coast of Sicily was settled by the Sikels who are mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. Symbols that are prevalent on the coins from this city show an acorn, corn-grain and pig. This is likely an allusion to the oak forests that cover the neighboring mountains. This coin was struck around the time of the battle of Abakainon which happened c. 393 BC between Dionysus of the Greeks and the Carthaginians led by Mago. The Carthaginians were defeated by the Greeks and pushed back to their territories held in western Sicily. After this battle Dionysus continued to secure and expand his territories in eastern Sicily.