SPAIN, Bilbilis. c. 133-100 BC

SPAIN, Bilbilis. c. 133-100 BC


AE 28, 11.38g (28mm, 11h). Beardless male head r., with necklace; in front dolphin; behind letter / Prancing horse with rider carrying spear; plain border; on exergual line BI L BI L I S.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

Price: $275

References: SNG BM 858; SNG Münich 357; Villaronga 237/1

Grade: Pleasant black patina with dusty finish. Good VF (gk1121)

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Bilbilis was a prosperous Celtic town in the area of Hispania Tarraconensis located geographically along the eastern edge of Spain. This is among its most earliest coinage and prior to Roman governance. Excavations in the area suggest that the city was very rich resplendent with the most modern features of the time. It’s heyday was the first century AD however by the end of the third century it was half deserted.