SPAIN, Castulo. 2nd century BC

SPAIN, Castulo. 2nd century BC


AE 16, 4.10g (16mm, 2h). Beardless male head r., diademed; dotted border / Boar; star above.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

Price: $275

References: Burgos 566

Grade: Good strike. Dusty white finish. Good VF (gk1133)

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Castulo is now modern-day Linares located in the province of Jaén. Castulo played a large part of the Roman conquest of Spain. It was here in 213 BC that the Carthaginian commander, Hasdrubal Barca, decimated Roman soldiers with his army of 40,000. In a turn of events however, through the pressure of the Roman general Scipio Africanus, the people of Castulo betrayed the Carthaginians and became a Roman occupied territory.