Spain, Gadir (Roman: Gades). 2nd-1st century BC

Spain, Gadir (Roman: Gades). 2nd-1st century BC


Quarter or AE 15, 3.38g (15mm, 7h). Head of Melqart-Herakles l., club behind / Dolphin ., with transverse sceptre; Phoenician legend above and below.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

References: SNG Münich 29; Villaronga 681

Grade: Good VF  (gk1134)

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Coins started to be struck in the ancient Phoenician settlement of Gadir in the 3rd century BC, after the Barcid started to inhabit the area. Phoenician legends continued to be used which suggests that the coinage was used for civil purposes rather than military or internationally. The Phoenicians were seafaring people therefore the dolphin is not surprising on the reverse.