Spain, Carteia. c. 100-43 BC

Spain, Carteia. c. 100-43 BC


Quadrans or AE 18, 5.60g (18mm, 5h). C. Mini. Q.f., magistrate. Diademed head of Neptune right with trident behind / Dolphin swimming right; CARTEIA above and C.MINI QF below.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

References: CNH p. 418, 56; SNG BM Spain 1741; Burgos 526 corr; Villaronga 2600

Grade: aVF  (gk1137)

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According to Villaronga, the Roman historian Livy, mentions Carteia which makes it possible to know that it was founded around 171 BC apparently San Roque in the province of Cadiz. What is likely more interesting to note is the influence of the Roman Republic on this coinage. This coin looks strikingly similar to the Republican coinage of L. Lucretius Trio struck in 74 BC which could adjust the date slightly more accurately.