GREEK SPAIN, Obulco. c. 100-80 BC.

GREEK SPAIN, Obulco. c. 100-80 BC.


AE 28, 18.27g (29mm, 2h). OBVLCO Stylized female head right wearing beaded necklace / L AIMIL / M IVNI AID plow above and grain ear below.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

References: SNG München 310

Grade: Lovely black patina with chalky finish. EF (gk1139)

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Obulco is the ancient city of modern day Porcuna located in southern part of Spain. The coinage from this area is remarkably modern looking for its time. It is easy to see that artists such as Picasso would have been heavily influenced by this coinage.