Kings of Macedo, Antigonus III Doson 229-221 BC

Kings of Macedo, Antigonus III Doson 229-221 BC


AR Tetradrachm, 16.97g (32mm, 12h). Head of a long-haired and diademed Poseidon to right; dotted border / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΟY Apollo seated left on prow of ship with the king's name written on it. Below ship, monogram

Pedigree: Ex Peus Auction 274 (1970), lot 1577. Ex Auctiones AG auction 22, Basel (1992), lot 209

References: SNG Oxford 3266. SNG München 1121

Grade: Large flan and with all details. Cabinet toning. Wear on the high points. A lovely specimen. EF (gk1202)

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Antigonus Doson was the cousin of King Demetrios II. When Demetrios died in battle the throne was left for his 9 year old son Philip V. As Philip was far too young to rule, Antigonus was made regent for the young boy. He was deemed an effective regent by the people so much so that he was asked to rule Macedonia as King. Doson did just that but still felt strongly that he was acting ruler until his cousin’s son came of a reasonable age to rule.

Antigonus Doson was a well-respected ruler and a man of with a skill for diplomacy. He managed not only to secure his country’s borders but also to reestablish Macedonia’s power in the region. In 224 BC he rebuilt the Hellenic League with other surrounding Greek city states. Unfortunately Doson died soon after peace in Macedonia was established. While is forces were in the southern Peloponnese, the Illyrians (modern day Croatia) invaded northern Macedonia. Antigonus Doson rushed to support the troops and died of an unfortunate ruptured artery.

His cousin’s son Philip V succeeded him.