Epeiros, Federal coinage (Epirote Republic) 238-168 BC

Epeiros, Federal coinage (Epirote Republic) 238-168 BC


AR Drachm, 5.09g (20mm, 12h). Dodona. Head of Zeus of Dodona to right, wearing wreath of oak leaves; behind head, monogram of EK (E is backwards) / ΑΠΕΙ - ΡΩΤΑΝ Eagle, with closed wings, standing right on thunderbolt; around, oak wreath with ties below.

Pedigree: Ex NFA XVIII/1 (1987), 143

References: Franke 167, 62

Grade: Pretty cabinet toning and wonderful sharp strike. EF (gk1204)

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Ancient Epeiros or Epirus was located in the modern day region of the western Balkans. To the north was Illyria, the east were Macedonia and Thessaly and the south the Aetolian League. At one point in history, Epeiros was the strongest Greek city state mainly due to King Pyrrhus until his army marched against Rome.

The Epirote Republic was formed in 233 BC after the murder of the last line of royalty, Deidamia II, the only surviving daughter of King Pyrrhus. Afterwards a republic was formed of the various tribes in Epeiros. The Republic eventually broke down when the tribes supported differing sides in the third Macedonian War against Rome. Macedonia was defeated by the ever powerful Rome and thousands of Molossians, who sided with Macedonia, were taken prisoner by Rome. This led to the downfall of the League in 167 BC.