Cilicia, Celenderis 425-280 BC

Cilicia, Celenderis 425-280 BC


AR Stater, 10.75g (20mm, 6h). Naked young rider with whip seated sideways on a galloping horse / ΚΕΛΕΝ Male goat with one leg in kneeling position, head is reverted back. Goat on dotted line.

Pedigree: From the Cilician Hoard 1957 (IGCH 1255) and the Dr. Hotz Collection. Ex M&M Basel Fixed Price List 189 (1959), lot 29. Ex M&M Basel 88 (1999), lot 257.

References: SNG BN Paris 64. Kraay, The Celendris Hoard, NC 1962, 5 20q (this example)

Grade: Some minor pitting and horse's head is at edge of flan. Beautiful cabinet toning and sharp strike. Unusually complete for issue. EF (gk1207)

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Ancient Celenderis (modern day Aydıncık) is located in southern Turkey on the coast. Historians say that the port city was originally a Phoenician settlement but in the 8th century BC was further inhabited by settlers from Samos. Due to the close proximity of the sea, the city was naturally  plentiful in trade dealings. It was a convenient stop on the for shipping between the Aegean Sea to the west, Cyprus to the south, and Syria to the east. During the 5th century BC, Celenderis was the easternmost city that paid tribute to Athens as part of the Delian League and was supported in revolts against the Achaemenid empire in Cyprus and Egypt. In 454 BC, Celenderis left the league and became part of the Achaemenid Empire after peace was made between Athens and the conquering power.

The coins of Celenderis are dynamic and beautiful typically showing horse and riders. This particular coin shows a naked rider riding in a sideways position on a galloping horse. This coin is also from a known legal hoard out of the region in 1957.