Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy IV. 221-205 BC. 221-205 BC

Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy IV. 221-205 BC. 221-205 BC


AR Tetradrachm,13.99g (21mm, 12h). Bust right of jugate Zeus and Serapis, wearing laurel wreath above which small cap of Osiris, and Isis wearing corn wreath above which globe and horns / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΤΟΛΟΜΙΑY starting at 1h and around. Eagle standing on thunderbolt with cornucopia to right. ΔΙ between legs. Dotted border.

Pedigree: Ex Ars Classica XII, 1926, lot 2604. Ex Leu 7, 1973, lot 304

References: Svoronos 1124

Grade: Pretty cabinet toning. Small area of horn silver on reverse between 9-11h. Overall consistent wear. Iridescent toning. Lovely aEF (gk1228)

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Ptolemy IV “Philopator” (which translates into loving his father) was a weak leader in the long line of the Ptolemies. His reign was plagued with threats from the advancing Seleucids to which he lost part of his kingdom. His downfall was to take advice from his favorites at the peril of his family. He murdered his mother, uncle and brother and then took his sister Arsinoe as his wife. When he died in 205, his closest advisors kept it a secret for a year and murdered Arsinoe in the process leaving his young son at their mercy.