Iberia, Sekobirikes. c. 130-early 1st century BC

Iberia, Sekobirikes. c. 130-early 1st century BC


AR Denarius, 4.03g (20mm, 12h). Head right; crescent to left, Iberian s below / Warrior, holding couched spear in right hand, on horseback right; Iberian sekobirikes below.

Pedigree: From the collection of the Money Museum, Zurich. Ex Münzen und Medaillen GmbH 3 (15 October 1998), lot 251

References: ACIP 1869. SNG BM Spain 1049–51

Grade: Slightly porous surfaces with minor overall wear. Attractive and VF+ (gk1255c)

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According to Villaronga and Benages book, ACIP, the settlement of Sekobirikes was located in Cabeza del Griego (Cuenca) as the coins with that legend Segobriga belonged to that site. These assumptions were solidified by the publication of a treasure found at Salamanca. Sekobirikes (Segobriga) is located right in the middle of Celtic-Iberia. This was an important city in Celtic-Iberian times likely due its excellent location in the middle of the country. The name Segobriga actually translates into “city of the victory” or “victorious fortress”. Eventually Sekobirikes were conquered by the Romans and the city fell into their hands.