Ionia, Uncertain Mint. c. 600-550 BC

Ionia, Uncertain Mint. c. 600-550 BC


EL 1/24 Stater, 0.66g (7mm). Phokaic standard. Human leg / Incuse square.

References: Cf. Roma XIV, 141; cf. CNG 102, 492; cf. CNG 100, 1482; otherwise unpublished in the standard references

Grade: Very rare and unpublished type. EF (gk1306)

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Coinage started in approximately 650 BC in Asia Minor in the area of Ionia. The earliest coins had blank surfaces and were made of electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. It was commonly believed that this metal was naturally occuring in the region but further research has proven otherwise. It was likely created by man. After blank surfaces came patterns and then slowly images started to appear with incuse reverses. This particular piece is interesting. It has what is believed by scholars to be a human leg. Images run the gamut with electrum coins with mystical creatures, gods, goddesses and animals. A human leg however is a definite peculiarity!