Islands off Caria, Kos. c. 340 BC

Islands off Caria, Kos. c. 340 BC


AR Didrachm, 6.88g (19mm, 12h). Head of Herakles / Head of Demeter

Pedigree: Ex Josiane Védrines FPL, 29 December 1990, lot 18. From a Belgian private collection and purchased from a Belgian art market in December 2014. Comes with export papers from the U.K.


References:  SNG Aul. 2752, SNG Cop. 621, BMC 22, SNG Keckman 289, Pixodaros Hoard 38a

Grade:  Light iridescence around the images and in field. A flan flaw on the reverse resulting in an

indentation down her cheek. Minor die rust on the obverse. Lovely strike and style. EF  (gk1157)

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Kos is located off the southwestern coast of Turkey. This coin was struck just previous to the town being occupied by the Macedonian king, Alexander III, the Great. After Alexander’s untimely death the town’s citizens became subjects of the Ptolemies. Kos was known for its sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing. Not surprisingly one of its notable citizens was the doctor Hippocrates (lived c. 460-375 BC).