Lucania, Metapontum. c. 400-340 BC

Lucania, Metapontum. c. 400-340 BC


AR Didrachm or Nomos, 7.63g (20mm, 5h). Obverse die signed by Aristi–. Head of Demeter right, circlet suspended from hair at neck; [ΣOAT to left], [AP]IΣTI on truncation of neck / Barley ear with leaf to right; MET down left field.

Pedigree: Ex Auctiones AG 13, 23 June 1983, lot 49

References: Noe 503; HN Italy 1529; Hunterian 17; de Luynes 490; McClean 934 (all from the same dies)

Grade: VF, toned, light cleaning marks, minor flan flaw on obverse. Very rare, only four recorded by Noe, five in CoinArchives (gk1300c)

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Signed coinage is not very common but typically can be found on the coinage of Syracuse, specifically the masterful tetradrachm and dekadrachm types. While this coin does have overall wear and some minor marks, it gives a small glimpse into the past with the signature present. Know one knows who Aristi was but he must have been a man of some stature to be able to sign his work. The coins of Metapontum all feature the barley ear either as an incuse or later coinage which was relegated to the reverse.