Macedonia. Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 BC

Macedonia. Alexander III, the Great. 336-323 BC

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Soli Mint, struck c. 325-318 BC. AR Tetradrachm. 17.25g (26mm, 6h). Head of Herakles r., wearing lion skin headdress / AΛEΞANΔPOY (Alexander) Zeus enthroned left, holding scepter, prow in left field.

Pedigree: Ex Roma 8, 28 September 2014, lot 441

References: Price-3091 (Amathus). See Troxell, 'Alexanders from Soli on Cyprus,' Essays Price for the re-attribution of this series from Amathus to Cyprus.

Grade: Excellent strike. Mint State  (gk1008)

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Alexander was possibly one of the most successful warriors ever. He conquered a massive portion of the Greek world taking his burgeoning empire all the way to the Hindu Kush mountains. With each city he overtook, he set up local mints. In the monumental work by Martin Price, it supports the success of Alexander, with mints all over the known Greek world. Even after Alexander’s death in 323 BC, his successors continued to strike coinage in his name. Only later did they transform the coinage into their own designs.

This coin was minted in the ancient city of Soli, located in modern day Cyprus. It is considered a lifetime issue of Alexander despite the fact that it could have been struck a few years after the ruler’s death. It was believed that lifetime issues of Alexander show Zeus with his legs uncrossed. This theory can not be proved but the numismatic community has accepted that these were the earlier issues struck when Alexander was still alive. Due to the enormity of his coinage there are innumerable stylistic differences between the different mints.

Soli was likely an important mint for Alexander as at least three of its citizens held high positions in Alexander’s army. One of them, Nicocles, even accompanied Alexander to India on his last, fatal journey.