Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II. 359-336 BC

Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II. 359-336 BC


Amphipolis, c. 323/2-316/15 BC. AR Tetradrachm, 14.32g (2h, 23mm). Laureate head of Zeus right / ΦIΛIΠ - ΠOY Naked rider on trotting horse right, below dolphin swimming. Below foreleg, symbol with dot.

Pedigree: Ex Lanz 151, 30 June 2011, lot 355

References: Le Rider, pl. 46, 19

Grade: Some pitting on the cheek of Zeus, otherwise extremely high relief and some nice cabinet toning. Good silver, nice centering and high relief with little wear. EF+  (gk1048)

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The Macedonian people were brought up to learn fighting and hunting.  It is said that a Macedonian had to wear a cord around his waist until he killed a man. Furthermore, the prerequisite to being seated at a table of his peers was to kill a wild boar.  They were heavy drinkers and outdoorsmen.  The tragic poet Euripides was from this world and was inspired to write Bacchae from its influences.

Philip II was a born leader and at the tender age of 24 he was brought in to help rescue his country and the dynasty of his house.  His fighting methods of using horses were innovative and showed his absolute strength.  The horsemen on the reverse of his coinage attests to this fact.