Thraco-Macedonian Tribes. Possibly The Oreskioi, c. 510-480 BC

Thraco-Macedonian Tribes. Possibly The Oreskioi, c. 510-480 BC


AR Stater, 8.88g (20mm). Centaur right, carrying off protesting nymph; pellet border / Quadripartite incuse square.

References:   Svoronos, HPM pl. VI, 15 and 17-18; AMNG III/2, pl. XXV, 10; SNG ANS 980 (Orreskioi)

Grade:  Some slight overall wear, but maintains high relief. Slightly off-center. Lovely imagery with cabinet toning. Rare early type with centaur vs satyr. VF+  (gk1165)

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The coinage of the early Thraco-Macedonian Tribes is visually arresting. Scenes of nymphs and satyrs are commonly seen. This coin replaces the satyr with a centaur. One can see how early the coin is from the reverse which doesn’t have an image but rather a quadripartite incuse square. It is amusing how the Greeks designed the obverse imagery so artistically captivating while the reverse is just the opposite. This was early for coinage however and the notion of double sided imagery was still to come. Not long after the Sicilians were striking coins that were monumentally important in the history of classical Greek coinage. While the early coins of the tribes are archaic in nature they are equally impressive as the advent of coinage was traveling westbound.