Pamphylia, Aspendus. c. 370-330 BC

Pamphylia, Aspendus. c. 370-330 BC


AR Stater, 12.13g (12h, 22mm). Two wrestlers grappling; between ΠΟ / EΣΤFEΔIIYΣ (Aspendus) Slinger in throwing stance right; to right, triskeles.

References: SNG Von Aulock 4570. SNG France -

Grade: Very pleasant but overall wear. Good silver, great centering and nice detail. Good VF  (gk1043)

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Ancient Pamphylia is near the modern city of Belkis in Turkey.  The city was under Persian rule until Alexander the Great and after his death it was under the rule of either the Ptolemies or the Seleucids.  This coin celebrates the sport of wrestling and slingshot which were both highly practiced during Greek times.