Pamphylia, Side. c. 430-400 BC

Pamphylia, Side. c. 430-400 BC


AR Stater, 10.63g (22mm, 9h). Pomegranate / Head of Athena right wearing crested Corinthian helmet, olive sprig before, all within incuse square.

References:  Atlan 42; SNG France 628-629; SNG v. Aulock 4765; SNG Cop 369

Grade:  Nicely struck with good metal. Slight flatness on upper left of obverse. Detail is sharp. EF  (gk1106)

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The Greek city state of Side was located in southern Asia Minor. The town no longer exists under that name but is closest to the town of Manavgat in modern day Turkey. In ancient times Side, being on the coast, was a prosperous city. Its name, Side, translates literally into pomegranate and thus that is very often seen on their coinage. The patron deity was Athena, as so many other Greek city states had adopted. 

Greek settlers from Cyme founded and populated Side starting around 700 BC. Alexander the Great occupied the city from 333 BC and upon his death it came under the leadership of Ptolemy I Soter. The Ptolemies controlled the area until the Seleucids captured Side and maintained it until it was given to Pergamum with the signing of the Treaty of Apameia in 188 BC. Today Side is notable for the its ruins which remain in remarkably good condition.