Ionia, Ephesus. Phanes. c. 625-600 BC

Ionia, Ephesus. Phanes. c. 625-600 BC


EL 1/24th Stater, 0.58g (6mm). Forepart of stag right, head left / Square incuse with upraised lines within.

References:  SNG von Aulock 7773; Weidauer - (cf. 36-37; 1/12 Stater); Rosen -; Traité -; BMC -

Grade:  Slight wear but otherwise nice centering and good strike for such a small coin. VF+  (gk1160)

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The coinage of Phanes is historically relevant. Phanes, who is unknown to us other than his name, is the first known individual to have his coins personalized. This early coinage has a stag on on its obverse and a lovely geometric incuse for the reverse. This particular piece is a 1/24th stater, one of the smallest (although not the tiniest which is a 1/96th stater) coins of the mysterious Phanes. Coinage of Phanes are among the first coins struck in the western world and while they are small they had a grandiose impact in the ancient world.