Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy III Euergetes. 246-221 BC

Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy III Euergetes. 246-221 BC


Alexandria. AE 34, 35.88g (34mm, 12h). Head of Zeus Ammon r. wearing diadem with floral ornament / Eagle l. on thunderbolt; in front, cornucopia; between legs, Chi Rho symbol; ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟY ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ around.

References: SNG Cop 175. cf. Svoronos 965

Grade: Formerly encapsulated by NGC. Graded XF, Strike: 5/5, Surface 4/5. Beautiful example with luscious dark patina. EF (gk1214)

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Ptolemy III Euergetes (“benefactor”) was the grandson of Ptolemy I. His mother and father were Arsinoe II and Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Egypt was most prosperous under Ptolemy III’s reign. Ptolemy earned his nickname Euergetes by his generosity bestowed on the Egyptian people. He supported their local cults and also when grain levels were low provided the necessary levels.

Ptolemy is also responsible for the first of the bilingual decrees known. In fact, his stela known as the Canopis stela has three languages: Egyptian hieroglyphs, demotic and Greek. The inscription on this decree details the 238 BC assembly of priests that took place in Canopus. The decree honored Ptolemy III, his wife and his daughter.