Scythia, Olbia. c. 437-410 BC

Scythia, Olbia. c. 437-410 BC


Cast Æ Aes Grave, 106.09g (69mm, 1h). Facing gorgoneion / A-P-I-X, sea eagle flying right, grasping in talons dolphin right.

References: Anokhin 168; Frolova & Abramzon 156-8; SNG BM 383; SNG Stancomb 343

Grade: Rare. Fine green patina with speckles of red encrustation throughout. Choice VF  (gk1082)

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The Scythians were of Iranian stock that eventually settled in modern day Russian (Crimea). They were renowned for their superior horsemanship and skills in warfare. The first known evidence of the Scythian people were around 900 BC. This coin was produced sometime towards the end of their empire (sometime in the 4th century BC) when they succumbed to the Samartians who were of similar background.

The cast coins of Olbia are unique for their immensely large size. They are even larger (although not as heavy) than the Roman Aes Grave that came a few hundred years later.