Sicily, Akragas. c. 425-406 BC

Sicily, Akragas. c. 425-406 BC


AE Hemilitron, 19.48g (26mm, 11h). Eagle standing right on tunny / Crab; conch shell and octopus below; six pellets around.

References: CNS I 40; SNG ANS 1031 var. (legend); Historia Numorum, p. 122 (no photo)

Grade: Overall but consistant wear. Wonderfully centered but upper legend missing. Name of city-state is present. Nice symbols of conch shell and sepia. Attractive Fine (gk1063)

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Akragas (or Agrigentum in Latin and modern day Agrigento) was founded in c. 581 BC by Greek colonists from Gela. It was a rather prosperous city and heavily immersed in the arts until it was ravaged by the Carthaginians in 406 BC. The imagery on the coins of Akragas are dynamic and beautiful featuring various static elements such as the crab and eagle and symbols associated with the sea such as the tunny, octopus and conch shell.  Certainly the close proximity of the sea was influential in the objects reflected on the flans.