Sicily, Himera. c. 412-409 BC

Sicily, Himera. c. 412-409 BC


Hemilitron or AE 14, 2.12g (14mm, 6h). Head of nymph with hair in sphendone facing slightly left / IME, crayfish left; above, six pellets.

References: Not in SNG ANS, Copenhagen, Ashmolean, Weber or older references; HGC 481; CNS I p. 44, 36; Kraay 4a

Grade: Amazing strike, luscious black patina. FDC  (gk1164)

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Himera was colonized by in the middle 7th century BC by citizens of nearby Zancle (modern day Messina). This coin was struck just previous to the total destruction of the city by the Carthaginians to which the city was bordering their Sicilian territories. The surviving citizens of Himera resettled in nearby Thermae. They still considered themselves citizens of Himera and while the city was never fully restored, the name Himera was still referred to in subsequent references.