Sicily, Syracuse. Hiketas II. 288-279 BC

Sicily, Syracuse. Hiketas II. 288-279 BC


AE22, 8.71g (22mm, 6h). Zeus Hellanios laureate r.; in front Διοζ Ελλανιον (Zeus Hellianos) / Eagle on thunderbolt; around Σνρακοσιων (Syracuse)

Pedigree: From the collection of W. F. Stoecklin, Amriswil, Switzerland, acquired from Münzen und Medaillen in Basel, prior to 1975.

References: SNG ANS 799-802; SNG Cop 803

Grade: Slightly rough surfaces but pleasant strike. Dark patina. VF+  (gk1188)

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Hiketas II was a tyrant in Syracuse following the death of the Agathokles. He ruled for 9 years and not much is known about his accomplishments. He was first asked by the Syracusans to help assist in battle against Maenon, the man accused of killing the grandson of Agathokles, Archagathus. After a successful battle in Aetna, Maenon set his sights on the now rather helpless Syracuse. The battle waged on for so long that eventually Syracuse made peace. Hiketas later fought successfully against the Phintias of Akragentum but then was defeated by the Carthaginians. Soon after this he was expelled from Syracuse and Pyrrhus succeeded him.