Sicily, Syracuse. Time of Timoleon and the Third Republic. 344-317 BC

Sicily, Syracuse. Time of Timoleon and the Third Republic. 344-317 BC


AR Stater, 8.53g (20mm, 9h). Pegasus l. / Athena r. wearing Corinthian helmet. ΣYPΑΚΟΣΙΩ[Ν Τ] in front of face.

References: SNG ANS 499. BMC 2

Grade: Pegasus is extremely sharp with very defined features. A phenomenal strike with a delicate expression on the face of Athena. Lustrous sharp surfaces with some areas of iridescence. Mint State


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This coin represents a special time in the history of Syracuse when the city was plagued by tyrants and the Spartans posed a real threat. The people of Syracuse sought out Corinth to help them in their time of need. Timoleon rose to the occasion and met the challenge head on. At the same time when his help was sought, the tyrant Hicetas of Leontini was in Syracuse. Despite 60,000 Carthaginian mercenaries helping Hicetas, Timoleon was able to force the tyrant into submission over time.

Timoleon helped to set up a democratic form of government in Syracuse and largely was seen as a fair ruler. There was a time of real prosperity when he was overseeing Syracuse. When he died a monument was erected in his honor called the Timoleonteum. 

This coin could easily be confused with a coin of Corinth as the style is quite similar. The pegasus is featured on the obverse and the reverse shows a head of Athena. The clear difference is a lack of symbol showing the coin belonging to Corinth and the legend on the reverse which clearly states Syracuse.