SIicily, Akragas. c. 490-483 BC

SIicily, Akragas. c. 490-483 BC


AR Didrachm, 8.59g (3h, 18mm). Eagle left / Crab in round incuse with bird symbol below.

Pedigree: Ex Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger 314, 23 September 2015, lot 2256

References: Jenkins, Gela, Group III, 11. HGC 2, 94. SNG Lockett 706

Grade: Darker toning on both obverse and reverse. Some inconsequential marks and scuffs, otherwise a great piece with a wonderful small symbol of a bird. Good VF+/EF  (gk1051)

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Akragas, or Agrigentum, was founded by colonists from Gela in 581 BC.  This coin was likely struck during the time of Theron, a tyrant that ruled until 472 BC.  Tyrants in ancient Greece do not have the same meaning as they do in modern times.  They were simply rulers who seized power unconstitutionally or inherited their power.  Only later were tyrants seen as oppressive and dangerous rulers.  Theron and Gelon, a powerful despot of Syracuse, together defeated an invading Carthaginian army at Himera in 480 BC. Theron was also known as a patron of the arts and until the town became a democracy in 470 BC the arts thrived there.