SPAIN, Belikio. c. 120-20 BC

SPAIN, Belikio. c. 120-20 BC


Unit or AE22, 8.95g (22mm, 1h). Male head right with curly short hair and short beard; behind head Iberian letter / Galloping horse with rider; below, city name.

Pedigree: From an American Collection formed in the 1990's

References: Villaronga and Benages, ACIP 1433; Burgos 243; SNG Copenhagen 321

Grade: Good VF  (gk1118)

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The location of the Belikio mint has been debated by the scholars. They believe it is in the south of the Suessetanian area, an area in the northern part of Spain close to the modern French border. While the silver coinage was used primarily for trade with their Roman counterparts, the bronze coinage was used for exchange between the cities.