Thessaly, Larissa. c. 420-400 BC

Thessaly, Larissa. c. 420-400 BC


AR Drachm, 6.06g (9h, 18mm). The hero Thessalos, with petasos and chlamys hanging around neck, restraining bull right by band held around its head / ΛΑPI-Σ-IA, bridled horse rearing right within incuse square.

Pedigree: From the BCD Collection

References: Lorber, Thessalian 59 (same dies); BCD Thessaly I –; BCD Thessaly II 372.7 (same dies); HGC 4, 42

Grade: Unobtrusive metal flaw in center on obverse. Slightly off-center on reverse but nice details. Good VF  (gk1035)

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Part of Thessaly was originally known as Aeolia and is found in the writings of Homer, specifically in the Odyssey.  Aeolus was the “ruler of the wind” and mentioned in book 10 and 11.  In the storey Odysseus and his crew spend a month enjoying themselves with Aeolus and his family.  On his departure, Aeolus gave Odysseus a bag with a cord around it.  This bag was meant to give Odysseus good winds to return to his home of Ithaca.  Once Ithaca was in sight, the crew accompanying Odysseus became too curious and opened the bag.  This created a negative wind effect and pushed Odysseus and his crew back to Aeolia where Aeolus refused to help them further as he feared that the gods were unhappy and did not like Odysseus.