Thrace, Thasos. c. 390-335 BC

Thrace, Thasos. c. 390-335 BC


AR Drachm, 3.50g (16mm, 6h). Wreathed head of Dionysos left / ΘAΣ-I-Ω[N], Herakles crouching right, drawing bow; in right field, caduceus; all within incuse square.

Pedigree: From the Hanbery Collection; Ex Kovacs IX (21 November 1988), 81

References: Cf. Le Rider 19 (symbol); cf. SNG Copenhagen 1023 (same); HGC 6, 344

Grade: Lovely strike. Slightly off-center on the reverse but phenomenal coin nonetheless with high relief and cabinet toning. Nearly Mint State  (gk1076)

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Dionysos is often featured on the coinage of Thasos. Dionysos is the god of wine, festivities and in general unrestrained partying. Thasos is the northernmost Greek island located on the north Aegean Sea. In antiquity it was known for its thermal baths and balneotherapy.  The ancient town was also a source of gold and therefore was often conquered and occupied by stronger powers such as Athens and Sparta.

Today the island is more known for its wood and the art of boat building. Naturally fishing is also an important export being an island. Finally, the island of Thasos is used as a base for offshore oil drilling.