Anthemius. 467-472 AD. Rome

Anthemius. 467-472 AD. Rome


AV Solidus, 4.12g (18mm, 6h). DN ANTHE - MIVS PF AVG Draped, cuirassed bust facing, wearing crested helmet, shouldering spear with his r. hand, holding shield in his l. hand / SALVS R - EI P - VBLICAE / CONOB Anthemius and Leo I, standing facing, both wearing military costume and cloak, each holding spear and together between them globe cruciger; in field below RMA in monogram over pellet.

Pedigree: Künker e.K., Osnabrück 101 (2005), lot 1101

References: Depeyrot II, 159, 65/2. DOC 925. RIC X, 413, 2831

Grade: Flan defect on chin. Overall wear but everything well struck. Pleasant in hand. Difficult to find ruler. Good VF (re1098)

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Anthemius was part of the Theodosian house (402-450 BC). He succeeded Severus III in the West as emperor but it wasn’t directly after the death of the emperor. Over a year had passed until Leo I, the emperor of the east installed Anthemius as western emperor. Anthemius was proclaimed emperor in April 467 AD. Shortly after his appointment he marched against the Vandals who were raiding the area ferociously. His expedition was a complete disaster and in July 472 Flavius Ricimer marched on Rome, captured Anthemius and put him to death. Ricimer was a Germanic general who effectively ruled the western Roman empire through a series of puppet emperors. A short four years after the death of Anthemius the western Roman empire was effectively lost with the abdication of Romulus Augustus in 476 AD.