Domitilla, Daughter of Vespasian. Rome, 82-3 AD

Domitilla, Daughter of Vespasian. Rome, 82-3 AD


AR Denarius, 3.50g (18mm, 6h). DIVA DOMITILLA AVGVSTA Draped bust r., hair in long plait at back / FORTVNA AVGVST Fortuna standing l., holding cornucopiae and rudder.

Pedigree: Ex NAC 40, 16 May 2007, lot 684

References: RIC Titus 71. BMC Titus 137. C 3. CBN –

Grade: Lovely toning and sharp strike on the obverse. Reverse is pleasant but softly struck. EF/VF+ (re1070)

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When this coin was struck, Domitilla was already long dead. She was the only daughter of Vespasian and Flavia Domitilla and sister to Titus and Domitian. When she died at the tender age of 21 her father had not yet become emperor. She was deified by her brother Domitian and renamed Augusta. Fortuna, shown on the reverse was the goddess of fortune and luck.