Probus. 276-282 AD. Rome Mint

Probus. 276-282 AD. Rome Mint


AR Antoninianus, 4.20g (23mm, 12h). IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, Radiate consular bust left holding eagle-tipped scepter / SOLI INVICTO Sol in frontal quadriga, in exergue RB (= officina 2).

References: RIC 204

Grade: Beautiful iridescent surfaces. Great strike. Minor wear on reverse on parts of legend. EF  (re1008)

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The emperor Probus was born and died in the city of Sirmium, Pannonia (in modern day Serbia). He served as a military tribune under the emperor Valerian who infamously was taken prisoner by the Sassanians and used as a human step-stool under his conqueror Shapur I. Under Valerian’s successors, Aurelian (270-275) and Tacitus (275-276), Probus military prowess grew in stature and when Tacitus died while on military expedition, Probus was uplifted to emperor by his troops. The emperor was on constant military campaigns during his 6 year reign. He acquired the name “Gothicus” in honor of his successful battles with the Goths. In 282 while in Rome celebrating his military victories, there were rebellions occuring in the western empire, those areas being heavily populated by barbarians. While en route to the western region, Probus took a stop in his hometown of Sirmium only to find out that Carus had been declared emperor by the troops. Probus attempted to counter this takeover but was murdered by the troops that remained with him.