Libius Severus or Severus III. 461-465 AD. Rome

Libius Severus or Severus III. 461-465 AD. Rome


AV Tremissis, 1.40g (13mm, 6h). DN LIBIVS SEVERVS PF AVG Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r. / Cross within laurel wreath, below COMOB.

References: Depeyrot II, 175, 28/2. DOC 897. RIC X, 2727

Grade: Some noticeable cuts on obverse and reverse. Well centered and while there is overall wear one can clearly see all images and legends. Good VF (re1099)

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Libius Severus, otherwise known as Severus III was one of the last western Roman emperors before the Roman effectively ruled from Constantinople. Severus III was installed as emperor by the Germanic general Ricimer. Ricimer theoretically ruled through a series of puppet emperors over a 10 years period, Severus III being one of them. Unfortunately the Vandal raids from North Africa were an ongoing harassment. Severus III is not remembered for any real military achievements. He died in 465 AD and Ricimer again tried to intervene in the affairs of the state only to be held to the mercy of the eastern ruler Leo I.