Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Rome, Autumn-Dec.163 AD

Lucius Verus. 161-169 AD. Rome, Autumn-Dec.163 AD


AR Denarius, 3.39g (18mm, 12h). L.VERVS AVG.ARMENIACVS Head right, bare; bust cuirassed / TR.P.III.IMP.II.COS II Armenia seated l., surrounded by arms, supporting her chin with r. hand; before her, standard. Pedigree: Ex CNG 334, 3 Sept 2014, lot 326.

References: RIC 506; Cohen 221

Grade:  Beautiful cabinet toning. Slightly off-center on reverse. Incredibly sharp strike. Mint State.  (re1044)

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The partnership of Lucius Verus and Antoninus Pius was a constitutional innovation that began with Augustus but was truly in effect with the Flavian, Hadrian and Pius. This practice was when the emperor chose a colleague to share in the duties. This colleague held tribunician and consular powers and was called Caesar. For Lucius Verus and Antoninus Pius the practice was changed so that both rulers held equal power and control in decision making for the entire Roman Empire. The unfortunate part was that Verus and Pius were complete opposites. Pius was known for his wisdom and while a good ruler he was certainly more a man of philosophy rather than war. Verus was charming and superficial and essentially was not fit to rule. His involvement and subsequent success in the Armenian conflict was won by his capable generals. The war fought with Parthia ended in the success earned by his generals Avidius Cassius, Statius Priscus and Martius Verus. His coinage from that point forward harkens back to this victorious time.