Nero. 54-68 AD. Rome, 64-5 AD

Nero. 54-68 AD. Rome, 64-5 AD


AE Sestertius, 32.11g (35mm, 7h). NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P Bust laureate r., aegis with Medusa head on shoulders / ANNONA - AVGSTI- CERES around, SC in exergue, Annona standing r., placing r. hand on hip, holding with l. hand cornucopia with tip turned away from her; facing her is Ceres seated l., veiled, feet resting on footstool, holding wheat ears and torch; between them, modius resting on garlanded altar and stern of ship in background; on the strut between the legs of Ceres' throne a winged griffin standing l. facing the forepart of a second griffin standing r.

Pedigree: Ex Berk BBS 130, 6 January 2003, lot 708

References: BM 127. RIC 137. C 14 (8 Fr.) var., MacDowall 119. Paris 278 var. (no aegis)


(re1062 )

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