Nero. 54-68 AD. Rome, c. 63 AD

Nero. 54-68 AD. Rome, c. 63 AD


AE Sestertius, 29.42g (38mm, 7h). NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P IMP P P, Laureate head of Nero left / CONG DAT [II POP R] Nero seated left, with official preparing to give congiarium to citizen in toga who climbs up platform, Minerva and Liberalitas in the background.

Pedigree: Ex Patrick E. Cosgrove Collection (Empire 14, 1 February 1993, lot 52)

References: RIC 100 corr. (obv. legend); WCN 82; BMCRE -; BN 261-3

Grade:  Near VF, a rare type  (re1048)

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