C. Hosidius Geta. Rome, 64 BC

C. Hosidius Geta. Rome, 64 BC


AR Denarius, 4.15g (17mm, 4h). GETA – III VIR, diademed and draped bust of Diana facing right, a bow and quiver over shoulder / [CHO]SIDI C [F] (in exergue), boar right, wounded by a spear and being attacked by a hound.

Pedigree: Ex Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel Collection. Ex Hirsch 53, 1967, lot 3325

References: Crawford 407; Sydenham 903

Grade: Legend on reverse is half off flan due to off-center. Nice strike with cabinet toning. EF (rr1079)

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The coinage of the Roman Republic is a beautiful mixture of Greek and Roman elements. One sees lovely imagery, various gods/goddesses, quadrigas and dramatic scenes depicted. The coin is clearly Roman, however, with the denomination and practice of naming specific people. Moneyers grace the names of the coins versus the emperor which occurs some 80 years later. Many a collector of coins has begun their hobby by purchasing Republican coins. While some can run into the thousands, many are attainable for far less and in high quality.

This coin is a serrate denarius, a type of coin that was struck predominantly during this period where the edges are jagged almost like a bottle cap. There has been much speculation about why the edges were created as such. One such theory, and likely purpose, was to eliminate the need to test cut the metal for silver purity. This serrating of the coin accomplished the same result.